Bankers Realm.NET

Bankers Realm.NET is a new high end version of Bankers Realm. Bankers
Realm.NET is designed to operate large volume of transactions. This
software is designed to operate independent of the platform. Bankers
Realm.NET is designed to operate in any standard browser. During the
design of the product, a lot of concentration was placed on issues

1.Centralized operations on very low bandwidth lines
2.Capability of software to handle huge transaction volumes
3.Capability of software to handle third party channels like ATM, POS etc.
4.Database security
Bankers Realm.NET also Offered under the SaaS model. Where it is
hosted on Craft Silicon Data Center servers, while the customer can
pay per usage

Bankers Realm MFS

Opportunities at the base of the pyramid are driving the buzz today.
One of the most significant areas in this category around the world is
Microfinance. Craft Silicon, in recognition of the bright prospects
and the opportunities, has developed BRmfs (Bankers Realm Core
Microfinance Solution) that helps manage small to large customer
records, volumes of transactions, portfolios, profits and also analyze
the risk factors. BR MFS Solution is now running on our high end web
platform - BR .Net.

Craft Silicon's MFI offering also provides its partners with alternate
channels such as POS and mobile banking that allows businesses to
provide online, real time and secure services to customers even in
remote areas. The limitless scope and convenience offered could be
testified by over 200 satisfied Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs), in
over 32 countries around the world.

Alternative Channels

With the need to expand services to meet customers at any time and in
any place, financial institutions services have embarked on setting up
channels that can provide their customers with over-the-counter
services. These channels are on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis and can be used
anywhere Internet connectivity is available, with no cashier or
operator but just an automated system. Craft Silicon has developed a
switch that can communicate between the core banking system and
alternative business channels. The switch is known as Banker Realm
Electronic Fund Transfer (BREFT).

Bankers Realm EFT SWITCH is a high end transaction routing engine that
allows a bank / micro finance institution to drive their ATM, POS or
any other electronic delivery channels. BREFT Channel Manager securely
and transparently manages and integrates the channels through which
banking services are delivered through ATM / POS. BREFT accepts
incoming messages in any given format, processes them and either
responds to them or forwards them to the designated host.

*Bankers Realm CBS *
Challenges like deploying the right technology architecture,
applications and policies that allow banks to operate as seamlessly
connected and integrated enterprises are just a few that need to be
tackled on the face of the widening horizon by financial institutions.

At Craft Silicon, we believe that the next-generation architecture for
banking should be such that it manages the dynamic nature of the
business and technology, while it supports agility, fosters innovation
and is flexible.

Bankers Realm, the Core Banking solution from Craft Silicon, is a
complete and comprehensive core-banking suite – complete in
development and comprehensive in its application. It is an
easy-to-integrate, scalable, enterprise-wide solution that handles
large transaction volumes on a 24x7 basis. It automates banking
processes and provides the best-in-class customer service at
reasonable cost, thereby maximizing operational efficiency and
minimizing risks.

With world-class implementation and support expertise, the solution
has been successfully deployed in various banks in Kenya and in Africa
as a whole along with other market-leading banks around the world.